FINPA is the specialist in payrolling for your company.

Specialist in payrolling

FINPA is a professional in payrolling and salary administration, so you can run your business care free and with great flexibility for your business.

With payrolling we take your employee on paper on our payroll and become his or her legal employee. Therefore we take over any (legal) risks from your regarding his or her labour employment. Also we take over all administrative procedures like the employment contract, wage payments, insurances for disabilities, salary annual statements and all CLA and law and regulations changes.

In practice


On the workfloor however nothing changes; you are and remain responsible for the employment of new employees, the height of the salary, having appraisals and other measures needed for your business.

With payrolling you are certain that you get the knowhow in house. When employing in the Netherlands the laws and regulations triple for your business. Payrolling takes this away and also other ‘employee hassles’.

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