Highly skilled migrants

The Dutch Foreigners policy allows business and companies to quickly and relatively easy to attract highly skilled migrants from outside the EU.

For this purpose the highly skilled migrants regulation has been established Within the EU this is the most favourable regulation for highly skilled migrants. The conditions for staying are clear and simpel.


a Recognised Sponsor of the Dutch Government

FINPA is recognized by the Immigration and Naturilisation Service as Recognised Sponsor. With this FINPA can within 14 days, when all documents are complete, get the residence permit of your potential employee and have him or her employed with you.


Residence permit for highly skilled migrants

Sufficient income
Highly skilled migrants older then 30 years need to earn a minimum gross salary of EUR 4,404 a month (excluding 8% holiday pay). On a yearly basis this means EUR 57,075.84 of gross salary.

If the highly skilled migrant is younger then 30 years a minimum gross salary of EUR 3,229 (excluding 8% holiday pay) needs to be earned. On a yearly basis this means EUR 41,847.84 of gross salary.

In addition a low norm amount of EUR 2,314 is applicable for highly skilled migrants coming out of their search year, or directly within 3 years after their graduation in the Netherlands or after a position as scientific employee.
Employment contract
The highly skilled migrant needs to have an employment contract with the employee or research institution in the Netherlands. This emplyee needs to be a Recognised Sponsor which FINPA is.

More information about highly skilled migrants?

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